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1.0 - Web based time clock service, time attendance software, Free Time Clock - Free Time Card
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16 December 2014

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Time clock attendance system available for free.

This is a reliable and secure time clock recording system that is available for free. Business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals will be able to track employee` time, absence and schedule. Permanent free license can be provided for the tool with access to unlimited number of managers and employees supported for basic features. You will be able to restrict your employees to only clock in/out from certain networks or computers. Web camera supported helps avoid buddy punching of time at in/out time. A web camera time stamp helps prevent buddy punching. The time clock is web based for common reference. Employees will be able to clock in or out from any computer or mobile device. Businesses distributed over more than one location will be able to use this tool without a hassle. You can specify a list of locations that are permitted for punching in of time. The paid version has support available to buyers.

You and your employees can access from desktop computers like Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Google Chrome OS. It will also be possible to access from smart phone and tablet device like Android phone/tablet, iOS iPhone/iPad, blackberry and Windows Phone. Native apps for Windows PC, Android device (phone and tablet) and iOS device (iPhone and iPad) are available. Being web based, it is very simple to operate. All the employee has to do is to just log-in through the browser. There is no need for any training or familiarization time needed. This is a good tool.

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Version 1.0
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